Love Island's Grant and Tayla reveal whether they had sex in the villa or not

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 3:57PM
Photo: Instagram/grant_crapp

Photo: Instagram/grant_crapp

Last week they won the first ever season of Love Island Australia and just a few days on they're already discussing their future.

Grant and Tayla have only technically been together for 8 weeks but the two are already discussing babies. 

Speaking with NW, the couple revealed they cannot wait to begin their new lives together – and they especially can't wait to have a family. Tayla went as far as saying:"We're going to have little Crapp babies."

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Grant gushed about Tayla being a mum, saying: "I think Tayla will be the best mum ever. When I pick a girlfriend, I do think about whether she'd be a good mother, and from where I'm standing, she'll be the best mum ever."

They also revealed that moving in together is on the agenda. 

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"Me and Tayla have been speaking about moving in together in [Sydney's] Bondi or Double Bay... We'll be apartment hunting for sure!"

But the most surprising info from the winning couple came when they revealed how much they actually got up to in the villa.

The pair insist they didn't ever actually have sex in the villa, with Tayla saying"Grant's still got blue balls!

"We did stuff, but we never actually had sex!"

Grant, being his typical self, added he was "bouncing off the walls" to have celebratory sex. 

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