Love Island's Erin has given detailed accounts of Eden's physical abuse towards her

Publish Date
Monday, 24 September 2018, 2:15PM

A lot has been circling recently about Love Island couple Erin and Eden after shocking domestic abuse claims revealed last week.

Although they were a fan favourite, the couple has been everything but perfect since leaving the island.

Recently Erin and Eden announced on Instagram that they had split, and while we thought that their statement had covered all the details, it seems that the couple may have had a darker past.

Erin shared a video on her YouTube channel claiming that Eden was abusive to her during their relationship, explaining three separate occasions where Eden was allegedly aggressive towards her.

Erin admits that "There was red flag, red flag, red flag and I was stupid and stayed,"

Allegations of Eden getting drunk and aggressive towards her, grabbing her phone from her when she tried to call for help and driving recklessly during a fight between the two.

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After Erin and Eden realised their joint statement announcing their break-up, Erin explained that she was sent so many messages from girls saying that Eden cheated on her with them and/or other girls. She also found out that Eden brought strippers into his hotel room and fooled around with them while he was still with Erin.

Check out the full video below:


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