Love Island’s Erin reveals how many cosmetic procedures she's undergone

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Monday, 9 July 2018, 4:22PM

Love Island Australia may be over, but we're still learning new things about the Islanders...

If you watched the show then you may remember at one point Cassidy claiming that she was the only girl on the island with big boobs that weren't fake. 

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Well, we now know for sure that Erin's boobs aren't natural, as she's divulged to OK! Magazine. 

Erin also told the magazine that she wanted to improve her appearance before going on the show and that she was super happy about the results of her plastic surgery. 

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“I’m a 10/10 now. I’m so happy with my boobs - I got them done in August last year.

“I paid for them. My boobs were $8000.”

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The petite blonde went from a B cup to a double D. 

"I'd like to go to another cup bigger, but then I wouldn't be able to stand up.”

Erin also revealed that she's spent $1600 to get her lips done twice and that she’s not stopping here.

"Speak to me in a year and I'll have spent a million dollars on work. I will!"


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