Louis Tomlinson steals the show at Niall Horan's gig and it's adorable

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Sunday, 24 September 2017, 1:36PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

It's nice to see that amongst the hustle and bustle of being big-time solo artists, the One Direction boys still have time to show some love, heck maybe just unofficially become a hype man because why not?

Niall Horan might have himself a massive fangirl (or boy in this case) and the catch is, it happens to be one of his closest friends. It appears as though Louis Tomlinson is a big fan of Niall's and if the accounts are anything to go by he could even consider being a wingman to his former bandmate.

Louis pretty much hijacked the show getting everyone to chant Niall's name, which he clearly appreciated the love, calling Louis to come down. But that appeared to be where Louis was ready to put the limelight back on Niall as the Irishman transitioned into Fool's Gold.

Plus to say that Louis is proud of Niall would be an understatement, here's what he tweeted!

We're loving this little bromance!

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