Lea Michele makes emotional tribute to Cory Monteith on anniversary of his death

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Friday, 14 July 2017, 10:27AM
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Lea Michele has taken to Twitter to pay tribute to Cory Monteith on the fourth anniversary of his death.

The actress dated Cory from 2011 until his tragic death from an overdose in 2013 and often talks about how much she misses her Glee co-star and lover. 

Today, on the fourth anniversary she struck heart cords with this post:

The 30-year-old penned a track for her latest album 'Places' about Cory, but recently admitted she considered dropping the song, 'Hey You', another song about Cory, from the record because she still finds talking about the late star "hard".

Lea has also paid tribute to Cory with two tattoo's dedicated to him. 

One is 'Finn', the name of Cory's Glee character:

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And the other is a '5' which is the quarterback jersey number that Finn wore on Glee:


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