How Rihanna's new make up line has changed the life of an Albino woman

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Sunday, 24 September 2017, 2:41PM
Photo / Getty Images - Instagram

Photo / Getty Images - Instagram

When Rihanna announced that her makeup line was going to be a product for people of all ethnic backgrounds and skin colours she wasn't joking!

Rihanna's new Fenty line dropped 2 weeks ago, she debuted a line that was rocking 40 shades of foundation (because 50 might be too sexual haha), and we don't even think RiRi was ready for the number of lives she was about to change.

Krystal Robertson, an albino woman, took to social media last week to share her excitement and appreciation towards Fenty Beauty for giving her the first foundation she's ever found that matched her natural skin colour.

No filter.....the freakout was real 😂💯😍 @fentybeauty

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And this review has not gone unnoticed from RiRi herself!

You've done good RiRi, you've done good!

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