Here's what Ed Sheeran has to say about the Katy-Taylor feud

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Thursday, 29 June 2017, 1:35PM
Photos: Getty Images

Photos: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran doesn't have time for petty drama!

The down-to-earth singer-songwriter has yet again proved why he's our fav, after he gave a great response when asked about the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud.

In an interview with EW, the musician made it clear he wants to stay away from the dramz in the public eye!

"I've learned one thing from this industry and it's to stay away from drama. I can be supportive to my friends privately, but I want to stay away from it publicly. And I don't know enough about it to get into it, but I'm always available to be supportive when it's needed."

Totally fair enough - Ed wouldn't want to get dragged into that mess! Especially since he and Katy seem to be on (relatively) good terms.

Typical Ed - all about keeping the peace! 

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