Fergie has this to say to New Zealand's Parris Goebel

Publish Date
Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 9:05AM

Parris has been making waves overseas and it's easy to see why!

New Zealand's very own insanely talented and accomplished Parris Goebel, who choreographed Justin Beiber's Sorry music video, just got a shout out from Fergie Fergs who turns out is a bit of a fan! 

In an E! Entertainment interview,  Fergie had nothing but positive things to say about the premier dancer and choreographer.

Parris shared the video on her Instagram with the caption:

Was such a nice surprise to see Fergie mention me in her ET interview. You guys already know my humps is my jammm so I'm like 🙊 thank you @fergie

You go girl!

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