Ed Sheeran's next cameo is with our favourite animated family

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 8:49AM

Everyone loves Ed Sheeran, Hollywood included, and if his Game Of Thrones season 7 premiere cameo was anything to go by, he might just have a career in acting! 

Throwback to the time I was a Lannister

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The performance left fans wanting more, and lucky for them, Ed delivered. Sheeran teased on his Instagram that he has even bigger things to come, posting a photo of himself as a cartoon character in the style of the animated Fox comedy, The Simpsons

A 'Simpsonised' Sheeran will appear in a special La La Land like musical episode called Haw-Haw Land in season 29. However, Ed will not be voicing himself, instead he will be playing a musician named Brendan, and like the rest of us with Ed Sheeran, Lisa Simpson is infatuated with him. 

Executive producer Al Jean revealed that they "had a perfect part for him...So we said, ‘Oh, great, we’ll have him do this!’ And we recorded him over the phone from England.” 

The episode will air in late October and will also feature guests such as Shaq and Norman Lear. 

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