Sam Smith tells Georgia that NZ is their FAVE place to tour and can't wait to bring us GLORIA!

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Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 11:06PM

We all know Georgia loves to talk... but she did SO well keeping this one a secret!

Georgia from the Jam Packed Workday caught up with Sam Smith to celebrate the announcement that they're bringing their GLORIA the tour to Aotearoa!

Right now it's Sam's world and we're all just living in it. They haven't toured NZ since 2018, so no doubt this show is gonna pop off. Georgia has been lucky enough to hear their new album GLORIA in advance, so they chatted about what we can all expect from it...

Sam said about the process, "Making this album has been a total joy... I worked harder on this record than any record I've ever done... As much as it's made for everyone to enjoy, I made this record for me. I kept that focus on making sure that I've felt fulfilled artistically with what I've made, and if everyone enjoys it, that's a beautiful plus."

Sam is just as obsessed with us as we are with them. About returning to play in Aotearoa, Sam said, "I always say this, and I mean this. My favourite show on both tours I've done around the world have been New Zealand. I feel so much love in that room."

Remember back in 2019 when Sam was in NZ and heard 'Dancing With A Stranger' for the first time ever on the radio thanks to Cam & Georgia? They sure do! 

"I'll never, ever forget that moment. Being in New Zealand and hearing my song on the radio. I remember tweeting the radio station and then they played it again." You're welcome Sam!

 About iconic single 'Unholy' they said, "'Love Me More' was a song where I just wanted to set the tone of where I was at, personally and emotionally. 'Unholy' is just straight into how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm in a place musically where I wanna have fun."

Sam also revealed that he had to push to get the song out there saying, "Kim [Petras] has been a huge part of that... she blessed the song in such an amazing way. A lot of people didn't support that song at first so it took a lot of pushing and passion behind it... I'm just so happy that people love it. It's nice to make the world dance. 'Unholy' feels like a different sort of energy."

We hate to humble brag but... Sam if you're reading this, we'd love to take you up on your "thank you in person" DM from a few years ago hehe.


Listen to the full interview above.

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