National Leader Judith Collins inspired to get 'inked' after being immortalised in tattoo

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 11:19AM

Famous Dave is back at it again with the Tattoos, this time inking Nik with National Leader Judith 'Crusher' Collins.

Nik joked they "only had time to stencil" Bridges and Muller.

When Fletch and Vaughan questioned "Why?" Nik responded with 'Why not?', and said he has since talked to Judith several times on the phone.

Judith once again joined him on the phone, and told the guys she “couldn’t take the smile of [her] face" when she found out about Nik's tattoo.  

"I thought it was so cool, and now I’m thinking I might need to get some ink myself after the election."

“You only live once, life is short, have some fun.”

When asked if Judith had ever experienced seeing immortalised in ink, she said no, “I’m hoping this is going to start a trend.” 

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