Megan reads the hardest poem in the world

Publish Date
Thursday, 3 May 2018, 12:27PM

Much to Fletch and Vaughan's surprise, Megan CAN NOT TO SAVE HER LIFE say the word Tarantula.

In an attempt to get Megan to sound out the word, Vaughan decided to mix it into a poem with other hard to pronounce words.

We present to you;

Malachi the Tarantula by Vaughan Smith

Malachi the Tarantula from Rural Worcestershire…

There was a Tarantula, you know the spider,

From a place called Worchestershire,

That’s in England, not the pacific, to be specific…

If it was in the pacific sea, the Tarantula might live in a Sea Anemone.

But it’s in the UK, right by a brewery, where the king used to call in the cavalry.

The Tarantula called Malachi, lived on a farm not an Isthmus,

And he was nice, not at all ignominious.