FVM find out what really went down between Davina and Dean

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 2:35PM

Dean is not exactly the most loved Australian atm. 

Image: Channel Nine

The groom from Married At First Sight has divided viewers with his treatment of his 'wife' Tracey, which included 'emotionally' cheating on her with another star of the show, Davina. 

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Megan is an avid watcher of MAFS so was prepared to hit Dean with all the hard questions whilst they had him on the phone. 

This included asking him if he really didn't kiss Davina, like he claims. 

You can find out his response at 4.17 in the video above, but if you're a true MAFS fan then you'll find the whole interview very juicy. 

WARNING: there is a slight spoiler in the chat, but it honestly doesn't give too much away! 

Also, FVM got some good goss from their chat with Tracey last week - watch the vid here.