Bree and Clint get personal with Friday Jams Live headliner Macklemore!

Publish Date
Friday, 5 August 2022, 5:00PM

After announcing his headlining performance at Friday Jams Live this November, Macklemore joined Bree & Clint on the show!

Remember that time Macklemore came to NZ and played a show at Otago University? Yeah, he doesn't either 😂 but there's zero doubt he's ever gonna forget Friday Jams LIVE 2022. And apparently, it could involve... Fruit Bursts?!

They also got a little personal, touching on Macklemore's iconic NRL Grand Final performance of 'Same Love' in Sydney, which meant a lot to Bree who was in the crowd.

Get the full lineup and ticket info for Friday Jams Live HERE.

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