Dog Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon, Finishes Seventh Place

Ludivine, a two-and-a-half-year-old hound dog, was let out of the house in Alabama, to do her business.

She's prone to roaming around at will and so of course she managed to make her way to the starting area of the inaugural Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon about a quarter mile away.

She mingled with runners and then ran the ENTIRE COURSE, crossing the finish line in an unofficial 1:32:56. She even got a medal.

Her owner April Hamlin said to Runner's World: “All I did was open the door, and she ran the race on her own accord,” saying she received texts with photos of Ludivine from friends who were volunteering at the finish. “My first reaction was that I was embarrassed and worried that she had possibly gotten in the way of the other runners.”

 “She’s laid back and friendly, so I can’t believe she ran the whole half marathon because she’s actually really lazy,” said Hamlin, who added that she isn’t a runner herself.