Coup De Main Track of the Week - Tom Lark - Something To Tell You

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Thursday, 4 December 2014, 10:29AM | @coupdemain

Upon discovering the existence of New Zealander Tom Lark, there are three main facts that I feel every one of his fellow country-peoples ought to be aware of. That a) he’d be really handy in a dance-off, b) his hair is much nicer than mine [and possibly yours], and c) he appears to be fond of unicorns. These three are all make-or-break traits that one ought to always vet potential friendship-crushes on, so when you find someone that is a perfect combination of all the above, you know they’re a certified keeper.

Tom Lark is a real deal - i.e. even though his name sounds like he ought to be Benedict Cumberbatch’s best friend in a children’s picture book, it is indeed a 'real' name, and he’s also got the kind of face that if push came to shove I would 97% trust with important business deals (like who gets to eat the last slice of pizza).

So now that we’ve reached a general consensus that Tom Lark is a person that we care a bit about, let’s judge him on his taste in music. In an interview with the Sunday Star Times earlier this year, Tom said about his musical education: "…The first album I ever bought, aged 11, was a really weird 90s dance compilation with “Everybody dance now” and 'I got the power!' by Snap. Around this time I started to learn the guitar which spiralled my fascination towards Hendrix, and then onto the Beatles... from there I got into the Beach Boys, and eventually Pavement, and early Beck albums. I remember being utterly blown away by his back catalogue and how he would boldly combine, and write in any genre he wanted to. I think the musically callous attitude of a young Beck has been my greatest inspiration when writing."

Obviously, Tom is a wizard.

YOU WILL LIKE, IF YOU LIKE: Divine Fits, Spoon, Real Estate, Rooney, Weezer, The Drums, OK Go… and ray-guns.

Watch the 'Something To Tell You' music video below…

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