Send us a message using iHeartRadio's Talkback feature

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 12:30PM

With iHeartRadio's Talkback feature, you can now send voice messages directly to ZM

Hear something on-air that you want to respond to? Have a question you've always wanted to ask us? Got something on your mind? Feel like requesting a song or making a shout-out? Whatever it is, you can do it now - all for free from within the iHeartRadio app.

Record your message at any time by playing ZM on the iHeartRadio app, then pressing the lil microphone icon (🎙️) next to the play button.

How do I send an iHeartRadio Talkback message?

  • Open ZM on iHeartRadio
  • Tap the microphone button and record a voice message up to 30 seconds (First-time users may be required to grant microphone access)
  • Select “Try again” and repeat step 2, or select “Send
  • Voice recording is instantly sent to us.

Download the iHeartRadio app now and who knows, it may even make it to air 😁

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