Naz's Ex Speaks Out

Publish Date
Thursday, 12 May 2016, 7:53AM

So, sh*t went DOWN yesterday when it comes to The Bachelor NZ. 

Naz admitted she had slept with The Bachelor Jordan Mauger and then the 'winning' couple Jordan and Fleur announced that they were over.

Meanwhile a post went viral on Facebook from someone ELSE called Jordan who seemed to be Naz's ex. Messages showed her pursuing him, saying that other girls on the show were not being genuine and interestingly she said she NEVER slept with Bachelor Jordan. Well, she's lying one way or another!! She also told "other" Jordan that the "other girl" DID sleep with Jordan.

She also claimed she was "not that into him" about Bachelor Jordan. She claimed he contacted her wanting to see her "cause he's fu*ked up" 

Here's what OTHER Jordan had to say about everything. DRAMA.