Theia - Not Your Princess

Publish Date
Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 10:24AM

Theia declares her independent with her sassy new song, 'Not Your Princess'.

“‘Not Your Princess’ is about taking control,” says Theia. “In the same way that ‘Bye Bye’ was about hitting back at the haters and ‘Candy’ was about having the strength to be yourself; ‘Not Your Princess’ is about staying strong and saying, ‘Screw you-you don’t own me!”

A girl power anthem, 'Not Your Princess' shines a light on Theia's songwriting prowess and her hard-hitting one-liners that are sure to become the perfect catchphrase for any occasion. 

To embrace the song’s strong ‘gurl power’ sentiment and to celebrate International Women’s Day, Theia will also release a second video for the song on March 8. Check out 'Not Your Princess' below!

You can check out Theia here: Instagram    Facebook    Twitter

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