Nakita - Addicted

Publish Date
Wednesday, 11 January 2017, 9:46AM
Photo / Facebook @thisisnakitamusic

Photo / Facebook @thisisnakitamusic

Alt-pop newcomer Nakita had a busy 2016, introducing her catchy tunes to the world and the international streaming scene, with over 1.3 million streams last year! Written with producer Leroy Clampitt (Justin Bieber) and Ruby Frost, her third single Addicted is where the young artist’s journey started. 

“I often hear people use phrases like ‘Those were better days’, as if they were haunted by this fantastic past life.” Nakita explains, “Addicted is a song about how we can easily reminisce back to the ‘better times’ and dwell on problems but in the process, forget to live in the present. In living in the past, we waste an opportunity to make the best memories from our current moments.”

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