Locals Only - Riiki Reid 'The City'

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Tuesday, 8 November 2022, 6:00AM

The legehon RIIKI REID has released the second track from her 3-track-EP CRASH & COLLIDE – the dance anthem 'The City'!

'The City' explores the feeling of being out and about with your closest pals, living in the moment and not wanting the night to end. For RIIKI it’s a reflection of nights spent at Wellington’s Club 121, where she’s found herself dancing the night away with her best friends, and making new ones.  

A dancer and choreographer herself, RIIKI sees 'The City' as an opportunity to put out music that encourages listeners to get up and move. “The dance world is something I’ve always been so a part of. I want this EP to showcase that world in every sense and I want it to bring joy."

RIIKI‘s debut EP NEWER OXYGEN was released earlier this year and was met with quick success, with singles 'Meet U Again' (#3 on the NZ Hot Chart), 'The Dream State' and 'Say You Want Me' showcasing RIIKI’S edgier side and alternative musical influence. The debut release also saw the first of RIIKI’s “Window Shows”, taking over an empty retail shop in Auckland for a guerilla performance for a select group of fans.

CRASH & COLLIDE, however, picks up the pace, and is exploring a new and exhilarating part of the puzzle; one that transitions into electronic, house and pop.

RIIKI REID has played with Budjerah on his Australian tour earlier this year, Wax Mustang and Benson Boone, and supported Ashe in Auckland last week.

 The arrival of 'The City' is timed perfectly with summer just around the corner - it's our new go-to jam and is spinning on ZM throughout the day!

Watch the epic video above.

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