Locals Only - Muroki 'Sweet Lime'

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Tuesday, 7 March 2023, 6:00AM

Crying rn coz Muroki just released his 'sweet' new single 'Sweet Lime' and it's reminding us of summer.

With multiple hit singles under this belt such as 'Wavy' and 'Surfin', we had high expectations for Muroki's new single... and he blew them out of the water. The vibes that song gives off has us begging for summer to come back. 

The song gives off main character vibes and has you feeling like you're a star in your own movie.

“Sweet Lime was birthed when I was half dead on the couch in Justyn’s studio in Brooklyn, New York. After New York, I was kicking around with my girl in Berlin for three weeks, where the song pretty much finished itself off.”

"The song is about navigating the bitter sweet ’n’ sour nature of a long distant relationship." Muroki explains. 

Muroki’s smooth, roots based sound mixes his Raglan background of skating pavements and surfing breaks with inspiration from local music, his Kenyan background and sounds from the streets of North and South America.

Sweet Lime’ follows the release of Muroki's sophomore EP HEADING EAST in September 2022. That six track collection included the singles ‘Simple Pleasures’, ‘Find Me' and ‘Introducing’, a melting pot of Muroki’s musical influences with its nods to indie, pop, reggae and world music.

Release after release, Muroki continues to show us that he is someone you don't want to be late on, and he is just getting started! 

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Want more? Check out when Muroki came and gave us an exclusive performance of 'Simple Pleasures' in ZM's very own Acoustic Corner!


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