Locals Only - Foley 'What Got Into You'

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Wednesday, 30 August 2023, 3:55PM

Foley are no stranger to ZM's Locals Only - this time they're back with'What Got Into You' from their newly released, debut album Crowd Pleaser!

Their highly anticipated album is a glimmering and dance pop record that explores deeper thematic textures with crystalline vocals and infectious rhythms they're well known for. 

 "This album is such a mixed bag of emotions and experiences - which is exactly what your 20s feel like"

 The album's lead single, 'What Got Into You' describes a relatable human experience; the constant churning of the rumour mill. A collaboration with long time producer Josh Edwards and explores an unravelling where a rumour gets away from you and takes on a life of its own.'

Foley worked with Tom Grut for the creative and chaotic video for 'What Got Into You' 🔥☄️💨 Watch it below! 

Last week Foley stopped by to co host ZM's Late Show... and everything was perfectly normal...

@wearefoley Somethings not right on tonights ZM late show #newmusic #popmusic #zm #latenight#latenighlayl @zm ♬ What Got Into You - Foley

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Watch Foley's 'Smooth It Over' live in ZMs Acoustic Corner below!

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